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Snicko Admin
Registered:10 months ago
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Thanks so much for your understanding, Typing! That seems like an appropriate measure to avoid it happening in the future :)

Cousin was on my account. 27 days ago

Hi again Typing! We have reviewed the appeal, and while we can't prove who had access to your account, the owner of the account must take responsibility for the actions that are made on their account. Therefore we have adjusted the ban to 3 weeks, from the original start date of the ban.

We want to make DeadMC a safe and welcoming place for everyone, so please make sure to be respectful of all people and review the rules before joining back.


Cousin was on my account. about 1 month ago

Hey Noah! Apologies for the delay, just seen this here.

Reducing the amount of ticks that hoppers do greatly helps with performance. By reducing the amount of ticks, but increasing the amount of items that are passed each tick, it should not affect the speed of hoppers. However I see how it can mess up some redstone builds. Some players need to be a little more creative to work around this, although it should still be reasonable to make work.

Item Clumping inside Hoppers about 1 month ago

Hi Typing! We’ll review the appeal as a staff team and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for appealing!

Cousin was on my account. about 1 month ago

Hi 1wii, we have decided to remove the ban after your appeal was reviewed. 

You have a history of previous offensive language, so please ensure you are using respectful language and review the rules before returning (https://www.DeadMC.com).


Looking forward to seeing you online again soon!

Ban appeal about 1 month ago