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Snicko Admin
Registered:about 1 year ago
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Hi Rolling! Thanks for your application! We'll keep you updated with any updates as they come :)

staff APP 19 days ago

Hi Lord_Gabool! Thanks for clearing that up. I have unbanned yugiohalec from the Discord now. Hope to chat soon!

Ban Appeal for a hacked account ban 22 days ago

Hi Lord_Gabool, it doesn't seem like your account currently has a ban. If you can try join the server, feel free to send through a screenshot of the error message. Thanks!

Ban Appeal for a hacked account ban about 1 month ago

Hey c0de! Thanks so much for reporting this. It doesn't seem to happen everytime, but I'll see if I can find what's causing it and get it fixed.

Let me know if you have any more info


Off-hand quickbow destroys mainhand item when quickbow breaks about 1 month ago

Hi C0de_it!

We encourage players to engage in diverse discussions, and we aim to create an inclusive environment where all conversations within the boundaries of our guidelines are welcome.

As iontanker has mentioned; our community is diverse and has players from all backgrounds and of different ages. We have chat rules in place to help keep our community safe and create a welcoming space for everyone. It is up to the moderation team if whether some of the chat is deemed against this, and the decision to stop inappropriate chat should be respected in order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience while playing.

If you have any specific instances or details you'd like us to look into, please provide them, and we'll address the matter accordingly. We value your input and strive to make our community enjoyable for everyone!

Dear Snicko... about 1 month ago