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Snicko Admin
Registered:8 months ago
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Hi Exotic! I'm happy to announce that the team decided to accept your ban appeal, as enough time has passed for you to have learned the lesson. Please make sure to go over the rules again (https://www.DeadMC.com/rules) to avoid any further issues. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you online again soon!

Ban Appeal 23 days ago

Hey Heph! Thanks for your honest appeal. We have adjusted the ban to a 2 week ban; starting from the original start time of the ban.

Looking forward to seeing you online again soon :)

Banned 23 days ago

Hi Contyper!

Unfortunately, due to your previous ban history for public nuisance (x3), this ban was made permanent.

DeadMC is proud to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone, and this behaviour goes against those values.

The staff team believes that the lesson may not yet have been learned, and therefore will keep the ban in place. You may wish to reappeal later on if you feel your behaviour has changed.

my bad about 1 month ago

Hey Clapz! We look for players who are passionate, friendly, respectful of others, and adhere to our community values of creating a safe and welcoming place for everyone. We also look for players who are able to communicate well with other players and staff, and who have a positive attitude.

You can read more about it here: https://deadmc.com/forum/topic/3-staff-application-guide/

Let me know if you have any questions :)

Staff Application about 1 month ago

Apologies for the delay, this thread must have passed me. While I understand it may have been your roommate who placed the sign, you must still be responsible for who accesses your account and the things that are said on your account. I would recommend changing your account password and/or talking with your roommate to make sure they can't access your account in the future. You also have a previous ban for an offensive town name, so that was taken into account with the current ban. If you would like to make another ban appeal knowing this information, we would be happy to re-review the ban as soon as possible.

Banned about 1 month ago