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Hi Cat,

I understand that you are seeking clarification on the reasons for your permanent ban. Allow me to provide you with a summary of the reasons that led to your ban from the server.

Two years ago, you were banned due to a severe case of bullying behavior, which had a negative impact on the community. These actions were considered serious violations of our server rules, as they created an unwelcoming and harmful environment for other players.

While you mentioned that you no longer have access to the appeal details, it is important to note that the previous ban appeal process thoroughly discussed and addressed the reasons behind your ban. The decision to impose a permanent ban was made after careful consideration of the severity of the situation and its impact on the community.

I appreciate your claim of personal growth and your involvement in a moderation position on another server. However, given the serious nature of your past actions and the time that has passed since your ban, we will need to see substantial evidence of your positive development and a clear demonstration of improved behavior before considering any changes to your ban status.

If you genuinely believe that you have changed and would like to provide evidence of your growth, we encourage you to outline specific actions you have taken to develop better social skills and foster a positive and inclusive gaming environment. Please keep in mind that any decision regarding your ban status will ultimately be made by the staff team as a whole, taking into account the overall welfare of the community.

Best regards,


Ban Appeal 17 days ago

Hi ncl_yuz! I am willing to give you another chance. However please make sure to be respectful or the ban could be permanent in the future. Thanks!

Its been a month 17 days ago

This has been resolved in discord tickets :)

Chargeback ban 17 days ago

Hi Gambrino. Do you mean your website account? Or do you mean you want to reset Minecraft account?

How can i delete my account? 23 days ago

Hey Tall! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll take a look into this

Voting Compensation 28 days ago