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I'm at peace with that.

As you have chosen not to appeal, this thread is now closed.

Ban Appeal 11 months ago

Smrtono, with respect to your privacy I won't give the exact number, but you have been banned almost the most out of every returning member of Deadmc.

It seems like you're not accepting that actions do have consequences. If you have been banned so often on a server, you can't be racist and expect to be treated with a suede gloves.

You can't keep doing bad things and throw a tantrum when consequences follow.

What you did was bannable with or without your previous ban history and as you are not appealing, but rather fighting, I'll close this thread to prevent profitless discussion. You have some time to give a response as that is fair, but after that it'll be closed.

Ban Appeal 11 months ago

Plus where was the joke? I exactly know what I have written. And you should know too.



That's the point, it wasn't a joke. Simply racist.

The rules have a very simple rule against racism, they're not complicated. It's simply not allowed.

Concerning your ban history, it may have been wise to read the rules before.

Ban Appeal 11 months ago

I tried twice? I am sorry but that never happened. And I have to say, good job! You ruined another relationship with friend.


I didn't ruin it. You chose to ruin it by behaving inappropriately on a Minecraft server you had already been banned multiple times from.

You are responsible for your own actions. If those actions have consequences, you only have yourself to blame.

Ban Appeal 11 months ago

I am sorry but I got banned cuz I used to make a sign as a joke in middle of unknown place and only once, I was given a warning and I understood it, and now in middle of nothing I am banned?


Racism isn't a joke. The warning shouldn't have been necessary considering your ban history.

It's not in the middle of nothing - unfortunately your ban will remain.

Ban Appeal 11 months ago