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Welcome to DeadMC!
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Welcome to DeadMC!
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Welcome to DeadMC, a post-apocalyptic world riddled with the walking dead. Scavenge the open world and join forces with other survivors—or start your own town to claim land, build, defend, recruit, manage, and grow into an empire.

DeadMC is an entirely unique experience which brings Minecraft survival to the next level. Hordes of zombies that can climb, shoot, explode (and more!) makes surviving extra challenging. The Blood Moon every 7th Minecraft night gives an even greater challenge to those who are up to it.

> Custom items - quick bows, quivers, exploding arrows, and more!
> Search and access hundreds of player-owned shops and a server market with the /find menu.
> Complete /tasks and increase your streak for even greater rewards.
> Level up your survival skills with mcMMO.

We are a family-friendly community, so please be respectful and follow our rules.

DeadMC has been around since 2016 with the same world, and we make frequent updates to improve the game. We guarantee no map resets and backup everything twice daily; to ensure your game progress is always saved.

Play today! Connect @ play.DeadMC.com

Be sure to join our Discord: www.DeadMC.com/discord

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