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Ban Appeal For (Artorius05)
Artorius05 Member
4 posts
3 topics
3 months ago

Dear DeadMC Administration Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My Minecraft username is Artorius05, and I am writing to appeal a ban that was imposed on my , and I sincerely apologize for any disruption or inconvenience caused Due to a specific family member under my roof.

As of right now I should be on my way to a new house away from my siblings with a different parent, to prevent further complications If the ban ends up being lifted.

In addition to expressing my sincere apologies, I am also willing to accept any appropriate consequences for my actions. Whether it be a temporary suspension or permanent restrictions placed on my account, I am committed to demonstrating my willingness to abide by the rules and rebuild trust within the community.

Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal. I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to the possibility of being reinstated on DeadMC.

Sincerely, Artorius05

t0the4rk Senior Moderator
25 posts
0 topics
3 months ago

Thank you for making an appeal. We will notify you of our decision when we make it together as a team.
In the meantime, make sure to revise our rules.


Snicko Admin
96 posts
14 topics
3 months ago

Hi Artorius! As this was your first offence, we have decided to adjust the ban time to 2 weeks, from the original date of the ban. Please review the rules before you join back. Hope to see you online again soon :)