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Dear Snicko...
c0de_it Member
4 posts
3 topics
5 months ago

Dear Snicko,

Can you please ask your staff to stop interfering with the enjoyment of the game by demanding that players stop having conversations that certain mods are not interested in?  Twice today players have been asked to "move on please" when players have been engaging in conversations that do not violate the rules.  Having a discussion about events that transpired in the game (related to issues a new player was having) or having a conversation about Tiktok are not against any kind of rule. No one was arguing, there was no heated discussion, and no one was discussing anything that violated the rules, the issue was that the mods weren't interested in the conversation that was being held.  Unless something is actually against the rules, please advise your staff that it's not their job to decide that people can't have conversations that they aren't interested in hearing. 




iontanker Moderator
9 posts
0 topics
5 months ago

Unfortunately we do not tolerate any political conversation or political topics being brought up in global chat, we as staff members enforce the rules that have been in place by snicko. 


The attitude and behavior towards staff member/s  is also not tolerated, all we are doing is our jobs as staff.


This is actually a pg rated server which children play on, and we moderate to be as safe and secure as possible. 


Im sorry if you still feel this way but we staff members have been very lenent with your behaviour. I have seen you attack others calling them down over questions they are asking or attitude, of you wish to help out to moderate with the server you can always attempt at the application.

c0de_it Member
4 posts
3 topics
5 months ago

1. This post wasn't addressed to you.

2. You've never seen me "attack others calling them down over questions they are asking". 

3. There was no "political conversation or political topics".  Check the chat logs, it never happened.  

4. There was no "attitude and behavior towards staff member/s".  Explaining that there was no political or controversial conversation being had isn't an "attitude", it's a statement of fact.   


Feel free to post the chat logs if you want, so that we can all see what actually transpired. 


Snicko Admin
96 posts
14 topics
5 months ago

Hi C0de_it!

We encourage players to engage in diverse discussions, and we aim to create an inclusive environment where all conversations within the boundaries of our guidelines are welcome.

As iontanker has mentioned; our community is diverse and has players from all backgrounds and of different ages. We have chat rules in place to help keep our community safe and create a welcoming space for everyone. It is up to the moderation team if whether some of the chat is deemed against this, and the decision to stop inappropriate chat should be respected in order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience while playing.

If you have any specific instances or details you'd like us to look into, please provide them, and we'll address the matter accordingly. We value your input and strive to make our community enjoyable for everyone!