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iontanker Moderator
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Unfortunately we do not tolerate any political conversation or political topics being brought up in global chat, we as staff members enforce the rules that have been in place by snicko. 


The attitude and behavior towards staff member/s  is also not tolerated, all we are doing is our jobs as staff.


This is actually a pg rated server which children play on, and we moderate to be as safe and secure as possible. 


Im sorry if you still feel this way but we staff members have been very lenent with your behaviour. I have seen you attack others calling them down over questions they are asking or attitude, of you wish to help out to moderate with the server you can always attempt at the application.

Dear Snicko... 5 months ago

The way you just attacked everyone again is the reason you are banned, and know you just made it fully permanent. This is no way to make an appeal. 


Enjoy the rest of your day

Banned again 7 months ago

Hello, Magaali


Id like to state that everyone was warned in that chat all at different times when they went out of hand, you were banned for multiple reasons and given multiple warnings in being nice and and the blackmail  was towards staff which you attacked and mocked their position. threatened after requesting 5k in cions to leave them alone which is not a joke towards a staff, even though they have asked you to stop with the treatment you gave them multiple times.

This is an appeal forum not a reports forum, bringing another person to blame here is not going to help your appeal at all, and if there was a issue with this player there was always the /report command to make a report on them. 

For your final behaviour logging in and out only to say things in chat is called trolling especially since you were only attacking one player the whole time, and kept at it, even when they were answering your question on the topic of food you went "who asked you sly" was very rude.


after multiple warning from not only staff but also other players for your behaviour is what led to your ban, the ban will stay, this is not the propure way to do a appeal on a ban.




Sly this is a appeal forum you are not to get involved in other's appeal unless you are a staff member if there are any more issues please contact me directly on Discord or another staff member if you wish.


Thank You Enjoy the rest of your day,


Banned again 7 months ago

Ok thank you very much for your cooperation and honesty i shall undo the ban and have fun on the server

banned? 8 months ago

Just a quick uestion how did you not hit any lava or gravel while you were digging your 1x1 block hole and how did youtravel so fast has got me curious before i do any unbanning.

banned? 8 months ago