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YonderBobcat211 Member
YonderBobcat211 11 months ago
I think so because no one is replying to my apeal
YonderBobcat211 11 months ago
anyways if you don't have Discord, I think you have a Xbox account. I have sent you a hi. Check it whenever you like
YonderBobcat211 11 months ago
Hi anguss please ping me on discord Agent47#5037 . we won't be able to meet again on this server but you can always ping me on my profile.
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I would be happy to see a reply here

Ban Appeal 11 months ago

I was banned because of public nuisance and I realized that I was mistreating a player. This makes me more conscious and I regret writing all that. I am sorry for the player and I have remorse for that behavior. From next time I won't be accepting any in-chat deals to prevent any kind of arguments again and I will try to minimize the usage of the public chat


Ban Appeal 11 months ago

Justifying the ban by writing "You have been muted several times (complete lie)" doesn't make it clear.

Also don't delete the proofs which I have uploaded in the forums.

No one warned me and it was the first time I was muted by you EVEN AFTER CONCLUDING THE TOPIC WHEN DEATH SAID. Afterward a ban for what? I didn't even ask or spoke anything to you, and when I ask for the reason for the ban/screenshots you blocked me. I am not going to accept a thing that I didn't even do. Give me the proofs for what I did and also the exact reason for the ban also don't use the prefilled sentences like "You were previously banned for public nuisance. You have pushed chat rules to the extreme limit.". If i have pushed the chat rules to extereme limits then give me the screenshots of my messages and also about the bounty thing,  Bronwnie said that it wal alr because the BOUNTY WAS FIRST STARTED BY DEATH AND NUGGETDEALER AND I WAS NOT IN IT. 

This is seriously ridiculous because I think that the first ban didn't make you quiet and you took revenge by banning me permanently.


Hope to see the evidence soon and the exact reason for the ban for both of us.



Removing my topic + abusing mod powers 11 months ago

Hey brownie I have memories of my grandfather on this server and hence its hard for me to leave

Banned for a false harassment accuse. 11 months ago