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Naveen_Sharma Moderator
Registered:about 1 year ago
Last Seen:9 days ago
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We are going to review your appeal and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

my s 6 months ago

Thanks so much for applying! We'll be in contact about the application as soon as possible ☺

An odd Application 7 months ago

Hi Default!!

We'll review your ban appeal as soon as possible and let you know of our decision as a team. Thanks for your patience!

Hey... 7 months ago

Hey tokyoghoul3641!!

Want to join the team?


Create an application in this section, and we'll review it as soon as possible.


What should you include in my application?


There is no specific template you need to use. We basically just want to hear about you.

For example: Why do you enjoy playing DeadMC? What is your favourite thing about Minecraft? What do you do outside of Minecraft (study, work etc.)? What are your hobbies?


The application should be semi-formal. The more info you can tell us, the more likely you'll be considered for the role. Other things we consider during the application process include: how well you communicate with other players, how knowledgeable you are with DeadMC's features, and how friendly you are 😄


Feel free to discuss any questions you have with any of the staff members.


staff aplication 7 months ago

Hey Syahnce!! I can see that on 25-10-2023 you were not banned due to kill aura but were kicked from the server. The auto bot of the server is very sensitive.The main reason for getting kicked due to Arua Kill could be that your internet connection is slow and the auto bot has considered your activities as hacking.

So you can join the server without any problem.If you face any problem please inform us. Thank you 

Happy Zombie Slaying!!

Wrongful / unjust ban 7 months ago