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Chleba1 Member
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Registered:19 days ago
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Can i get an ubdate please

Hello i got banned 1 day ago

Hello I've realized that i have done something terribly wrong and i want to apologyse for that so i am sorry for what i have done about 14-15 days ago.

And if you did decide to unban me from the Minecraft server i would appreciate that you would unban me from the discord server becuse i cant join in.

Also wont say anything like that ever agian but if i do say it please just give me a warning dont ban me that fast like give me a way to repay you for what i have said.

I know you said to make this Ban Appeal in 30 days but i just want to play on the server soo bad.

And i also apologyse for me making fun of mods or that i made them like cry or something like that so i am realy sorry.

Please accept this apology


Hello i got banned 1 day ago

yea and i cant join the discord server cuze u banned me from it

Got banned 7 days ago

I am literaly more demaged than the Guy i pranked i am sorry if you dont like me

Got banned 15 days ago

Yea just continue emocily demaging people

Got banned 15 days ago