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Hello, I was told If I reappealed stating what I did wrong they would consider appealing my ban. I understand what happened was wrong and I have changed my computer password as to ensure it won't happen again. Thank you for your consideration

Ban appeal 7 months ago

I understand that, and that is fair and reasonable. Should I be expecting to play the server again soon or is the ban going to stay? Thank you.

Banned 9 months ago

I understand that and that goes without saying, but I never did that. My roommate (we play the server together) was on my account the other day to kick a player named Raptastics, and he may have done it? Also I dont know what land would be Largemonkeys considering we were in a town and i was the mayor but besides the point, I understand I really just didnt place any sign saying that, so could my ban please be lifted? Either way, thank you for the explanation and whatever you decide to do.

Banned 10 months ago

I logged on and it says im banned for racial slurs, and I have no idea why? i havent said anything like that at all. I really have no idea why i was banned and I would at least like an explanation?

Banned 10 months ago

I do see why I was banned and I do wish i made the town name something different now but I dont see why I was banned and nobody asked me to just change the name, it had been like that for a couple days and all of a sudden i'm banned. 3 days isnt the worst punishment and I thank you for it not being a perm ban but instead couldn't i just change the town name? Thank you.

Ban Appeal 10 months ago