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Angelshae Member
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about 1 month ago

Good morning, I am Angelshae! You may call me Angel or Shae.

A small background on myself. I am 30 years old female. I currently am an Operations Manager, for a large retail chain. I specialize in what we call "Fresh" areas of the business. In example Bakery, Deli, Produce, and Butcher departments. I enjoy to teach, and train. As well a being available for all of my associates needs. whether it is teaching them a new process, or simple being an ear to their voice. For some hobbies, I enjoy playing the piano, video games, baking, art, and poetry.

What I enjoy most about Minecraft is the creative freedom it has. While I am not the greatest at combat, I enjoy farming, and building. Which also ties into why I love Dead MC. First it combines my two favorite genres of games. Zombies, and sandbox whats not to love! We still have the creative freedom to build, and quite a generous land claim system to prevent "greifing." The community here is stellar as well. Everyone is friendly, and willing to help  each other. I will be planning on paying it forward with some personal community events once I get a little more established.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short application. Also remember to smile :)

NaVI Moderator
9 posts
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about 1 month ago

Hi Angel Shae!

Thanks so much for applying and sharing a bit about yourself. You sound really talented at a lot of things!


We will let you know any updates about the application when they are ready 🙂


Thanks again