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Ban Appeal Guide
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Snicko Admin
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about 1 year ago

DeadMC is a welcoming community and a safe place for everyone. We strive to help make the community as supportive and friendly as possible.


If you have been banned or muted for breaking a rule, you may appeal to have a punishment reconsidered.

You may wish to appeal if you:

  1. Feel like the punishment was unjust
  2. Regret your actions and wish to make things right
  3. Would like the staff team to reconsider the length


There is no template for appealing; although you may wish to include:

  • Your username
  • When the punishment occurred
  • Why you think you were punished
  • What your intentions are if your appeal was successful (eg. apologising to those involved, uninstalling hacks etc.)


It is not guaranteed for an appeal to be successful, however if an appeal is successful then there may be one of the outcomes:

  • Punishment is undone
  • Punishment is undone, but account is rolled back or reset
  • Punishment length is adjusted