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An odd Application
Syahnce Member
2 posts
2 topics
about 1 month ago

Hey, y'all, short-time player(As of 2023, Oct, 25), a long-time fan, Syahnce here. I find this server so appealing and enjoyable that I've decided to put in my staff application to be a supporting member of your team! You may have clicked on my application because you're interested in my name, or maybe the title itself caught your attention, my title has no direct approach to who I want to be in your team because I'm open to almost any possible job, I simply want to dedicate more time to the community. I may not be a good candidate for your team as I do have a job and life outside of the internet, I'm by all means inactive, the opposite in fact, but I will at times not be available due to work, school, or during the winter (Canada) I will be on trips skiing and such. And if that's not a problem for you then, I would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you! I hope we can become a good team together, and if I don't pass now, there's always another day for me to try again later. 

With everything being said, I hope you guys will consider my Staff Application, and have a good day!

Syahnce         (Syahnce#syahnce)


Last edited: about 1 month ago
NaVI Moderator
22 posts
0 topics
about 1 month ago

Thanks so much for applying! We'll be in contact about the application as soon as possible ☺