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contyper Member
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Registered:11 months ago
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Upon reflection, I acknowledge that my behavior may have disrupted the experience of others on the server, and for that, I am truly sorry. It was never my intention to create a negative atmosphere or hinder the enjoyment of fellow players.

want to assure the DeadMC staff that I have taken steps to rectify my actions and will be more mindful of my behavior in the future. I am committed to contributing positively to the server and ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time on DeadMC without any disturbances.


thank you for you'r time and consideration sincerly contyper

my s 6 months ago

wsg homes 


my bad 9 months ago


Ban appeal: sorry 9 months ago

I give my sincere apology to Uni and I regret my decision for making a scene and a nuisance to Uni I agree if my ban will still be on me but perhaps not a Perma ban thank you 






my bad 9 months ago