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Thy_best_beast Member
Registered:5 months ago
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Thank you for the response and no offence, even though objectively you are wrong. "suddenly" implies it hasn't been over 2 years, at this point I can remember better than you however some of the reasons were so unbelievable stupid that I thought it looked better on your part not to state them. " expanded on why you're banned permanently" I no longer have access to the appeal due to the swap so please, enlighten me. If it is useful for you i can tell you in detail every offence, and every reason why it should have never counted.

Honestly Orion I am not satisfied with this answer, From a moderation position that is poorly written. We both know I have no access to old appeals or responses. Restate the reasons for my permanent ban. Remind me of the reasons which I still know, I am just no longer going to sugarcoat them. Your workaround with "i can ensure you" means nothing without proof, Show me proof if you want to keep my respect.


Ban Appeal 4 months ago

Lets start this off strongly, Its been 2ish years since the ban and a good couple months since my last message here. At this point i cant remember the details on the ban so it doesn't feel right trying to recall them here. My apologies have been said previously, I still stand by them. At this point i dont play Minecraft much anymore but would love to see how far the server has come. Recently i found myself in a moderation position on a discord server of over 1.5k members and will most likely go further. People change and I hope I am one of those people.

Sincerely -Cat

Ban Appeal 5 months ago