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Supersloth_1234 Member
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Dear Deadmc staff team 


I am sorry staff team for swearing in your server. I know you need to keep your community safe but with the racial slurs I am being honest here I don’t know who say the racial slur I forgot if I got up and say a racial slur 8:44am. Me and my brother thought it was my younger brother because sometimes he says some racial slur I don't know who did but I will try to give you guys as much information as I can find. 


And I am sorry for spamming the staff team. I was just worried if I would get in more trouble, And I am sorry for spamming I promise I will never do it again. And, About Artorius05 I am for asking him about my banned I was asking him if he knows how to make deadmc account. I am sorry staff team for wasting your time I try to never do that again. I will read the rules again and the terms of service. 



Snicko I am sorry for wasting your time too. I was trying to tell the honest truth but I kind of spammed a lot. And about my brother I was not faking about my brother my brother wants to try deadmc but it says for him he says racial slurs and was swearing, and he want me say to you guys I am sorry for spamming to Me and Supersloth_1234 don’t have a lot for patience. Because of you guys you help me and Supersloth_1234 to wait I want to thank you staff for that



Also Deadmc Staff team its me Kingdoge8331 Reporting in this ban appeal to

Dear Deadmc Staff team about 1 month ago