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Smrtono5000 Member
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Registered:3 months ago
Last Seen:11 days ago
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Well at this point I got no real way to say sorry, you don't accept real, I asked for 7th time, at this point I don't know how to tell it, I mean I haven't been accepted, at this point I belive my city is in ruins and I will need to restart once I come back, when that happens. It will once again be kill for greed. If I am going to be real it never had been otherwise, everyone had some value in me getting banned and I had value in massacring people, that is it. Hope for forgiveness


Ban Appeal number 7. 11 days ago


And yeah, you keep it safe? That is a lie, I and my friends dealt with multiple griefs and with logical evidence I was ignored, and the last act was act for hell, plus last time (perm ban) it was combat log so don't try to tell me I spawn camped for me wanting to ruin the server


I am sorry 3 months ago

Your ban history is, messily incorrect, first of all changing the rules in the moment after report ( few days after) does not change the fact that rule didnt exists at moment of action, And yes I do not show remorse to the players, I don't want to show remorse, I know they dislike my actions, they tried to to mess with me, but due to taking it hard I was reported with not real reason. And few other statements:

1. I NEVER GOT BANNED OR DID USE HACKS... it is cappitalised due to importancy 

2. I got perm banned for spawn camping but the rule wasn't detailed, I got 3 months due to false report because the item was backpack and it didn't look like shulker (I accept that it was mistake)

3. I only had one public nuisance ban.

So most of your data is incorrect, plus you gave me 1 chance, I got maximum possible ban ( for all my actions I think) so respond soon, farewell Snicko

I am sorry 3 months ago

Well 10th january I got banned for spawn camping, I am sorry And it has been 3 months since it happened, I am now trying to appeal for 4 time and I dont really have what to say? Username is Smrtono5000, I will start a Nation on the server if I come back, and yeah MAKE RULES BIT MORE DETAILED


-this is 4th time I have done a appeal because the rule was not detailed (Just make then with detailes so I can know, I aint going to expect it to be a rule)

I am sorry 3 months ago

And if I am allowed to return I will apply to be the part of staff on deadMc


Ban Appeal 3 months ago