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I see it as deserving of a ban in my eyes, but it's not my opinion that matters; it's the mods, and they agree with the ban. You also 'accidentally' cropped out the "I did these things when I was 12" part, trying to make me look bad. That was almost 3 years ago. Maybe next time, read the whole story before playing judge and jury. In the messages saying what i did i was poking fun at 12 y/o me, I was making jokes about the younger me.

Edit: The mods did nothing wrong, they are just following the rules.

Edit 2: I don't make the decision so don't act like it, the mods do, I'm just clearing my name.

Banned again 7 months ago


Some screenshots to add context to why mods were angry

The mods are just doing their job

Banned again 7 months ago

The message was allready deleted by someone, it was an accident clone of my other message


Deleting messages on forum. 7 months ago

Not sure if this is only on my end, But I'm having trouble deleting comments and messages. Is this a known issue?

Thanks, Sly42

Deleting messages on forum. 7 months ago

Thank you! Regardless of the result I will try to make DeadMC a better place, and I will certainly continue to enjoy DeadMC!



Wanted to try to be a helper 8 months ago