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NuggetDealer Member
Registered:about 1 year ago
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Hi again Typing! We have reviewed the appeal, and while we can't prove who had access to your account, the owner of the account must take responsibility for the actions that are made on their account. Therefore we have adjusted the ban to 3 weeks, from the original start date of the ban.

We want to make DeadMC a safe and welcoming place for everyone, so please make sure to be respectful of all people and review the rules before joining back.


Good afternoon Snicko

I am writing to extend my sincerest apologies for the incident that not long ago. I have allowed my cousin to continue mining the blossom trees while I went to get my food. I understand the importance of maintaining a respect and enjoyable gaming environment, which I am really sorry for the inconvenience and the damages my cousin has done while I was away. I take full responsibility for his actions, and I assure you that I have already taken the necessary steps and precautions to avoid any and all future issues. As I have stated in my previous forums, I have added multiple app locks to my gaming devices and changed all account passwords so that he cannot attempt to log in (without me getting notified). Once again, I apologize for any and all inconvenience and frustration my little cousin has caused. I appreciate the staff giving me a second chance, though I cannot prove who was on the account during the incident, I will still take responsibility for the incident. I truly am sorry for the damage caused, and I will and have made precautions to avoid any future issues. 

Cousin was on my account. 7 months ago

Good afternoon

Username: NuggetDealer

Issue: Banned for cousin's behavior

I just want to deeply apologize for my cousin's behavior on my dead MC account. I have taken precautions to avoid any and all future issues. I am not aware of what he said/did, but I apologize for the trouble he has caused. I have changed all my passwords, login information, and even added a app lock on my own pc where I use to, to play on the server. Again. I am really sorry for his behavior and I guarantee that he will not be able to play minecraft for a long time. (Told his parents).

Cousin was on my account. 7 months ago



Just wondering how long this application process usually is...

Helper role 12 months ago


My name is NuggetDealer also known as (NuttyNuggs). The reason I want to apply for the “Helper” role is because I genuinely love the game and I invested so much of my time into the game to not just to have fun but to also help starter players have a decent chance of surviving and helping them guided to where to go. To be honest, I genuinely love helping out new and old players and even if I dont have the role, I'd still help them regardless the role. But having the role as a helper does sound intriguing to get

Helper role about 1 year ago