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You know what, you’re all stuck up as hell. I’ve never known a group of mods to be so unbearable in my entire life. Everyone, and I mean everyone (that doesn’t donate to this crap server) says the exact same thing about you guys: ‘The mods are super serious, careful they’ll ban you for dumb reasons’. So many people told me the same thing, and everyone agrees. None of you even try to hide how much favouritism you show either.

Each and every one of you is on some crazy power trip over being a mod on some unknown, boring ass server in which a simple joke gets you ganged up on and banned. There’s a reason why it averages 10 players; no one can actually have fun without getting shit for it. I’ve been warned for literally just playing the game before, but was told it was being a ‘public nuisance’ (I lured and killed another player?).

Genuinely I hope this server never goes anywhere, and honestly I know it never will. I’ve been around since 2020 and it still averages 10 measly players, all of you need to get a life you actual freaks. If I had donated 75 shitty dollars maybe I would’ve get let off, like every other person which sucks up to the unbearable, illiterate fuck ass mods. My ban reason had so many spelling mistakes you’d genuinely believe a 10 year old mentally ill cripple wrote it. 

Enjoy being the most boring, slimy mods alive


(By the way, it wasn’t blackmail, I never coerced anyone into anything it was a fucking JOKE, I stated that after and it was so obviously a joke I’m 100% convinced you wanted any reason possible to start drama, as you clearly thrive in the midst of it. It’s laughable, and Metal, you stink of piss and sweat preserved from the middle ages)

Banned again 7 months ago

That’s deserving of a ban in your eyes? There’s nothing there that meant I needed a permanent ban from the Discord and mc server. A warning atleast would’ve been nice. You honestly did not read my post, as clearly I’ve already debunked your entire reply.


Banned again 7 months ago

Actually, I'll post the screenshots now because I'm tired of the hypocritical mods. How come what janaii said is alright, but It's not alright when I do it? "jana :( please stop:(" .... However I get told to 'stop blackmailing' and 'stop being insulting'. The difference in tone is insane. Also how could Sly42 be a trustworthy helper in the future, and also criticise me when this is the type of person they really are?

Banned again 7 months ago

Hi, I honestly want to apologise for the misunderstanding here. It seems as if I've been banned again for the smallest reasons which honestly seem slightly petty, but was clearly taken the wrong way. One sentence of banter had everyone ganging up on me, despite me stating it was a joke. It wasn't offensive at all. I'm baffled at the mods on this server and how often they take jokes as serious, life threatening torment. 

I only went as far as someone else on the server, who I won't name, but said similar things as I did, and didn't even get told off or warned at all? You can go back in chat and see how similar our words were, but they received no repercussions because they were a 'friend'. If you can find anything genuinely harmful that I've said, I'll accept that, but I haven't? Nothing racist or extremely insulting just harmless banter.

Sly42 was obviously very upset, and I'd like to apologise for what I said to them. However, it goes without saying that there's favouritism in this server, hence, Sly42 saying 'Finally' when we logged off, was not a problem at all. I however was quite shocked at how slack the mods were with this, but when I defended myself, suddenly I was the only one in the wrong.

It seems being a public nuisance is only applied to those who haven't donated money to this game. Me and my friend have worked very hard on this server to build, and we have done literally nothing that deserves a ban, we didn't even get warned before the ban. It's not fair and this has happened so many times now. If anyone wants to voice chat to properly sort this out I'd appreciate it, because I still hold screenshots of things said that deserve looking into. 

Thanks. Magaali

Banned again 7 months ago

Hello, me, Magaali (maga1i - discord) and Llamma (mistelnhare - discord) were banned from the discord a very long time ago. I can't exactly remember what for, but seeing as we have improved in character and no longer are the troublemakers we once were, it'd be nice if we could rejoin the Discord community. Thank you.

Discord ban 7 months ago