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Lord_Gabool Member
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Hello, I appreciate the amount of time you're putting into this, My discord username is YugiohAlec sorry that I didn't include that in the previous message, and the Lord_Gabool username is my Minecraft account only.

Ban Appeal for a hacked account ban 3 months ago

Sorry, I was a bit unclear I was referring to the discord server, not the Minecraft server I apologize for not being more clear about that I was at the time trying to figure out what channels I had to go through to get unbanned from other discord servers so I was a bit rushed with getting this appeal out there.

Ban Appeal for a hacked account ban 4 months ago

I know that earlier this morning my account was hacked and my account was used to spread the link to a well fake server. I have fixed the issue with the hack and now have full control over my account once again I would like to be unbanned at this time so I can play on the deadmc server next time I play on it.

Ban Appeal for a hacked account ban 4 months ago