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Ian_The_Gamer Member
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Thank you for considering my application! I will certainly be enjoying DeadMC!


Helper Application 10 months ago

Salutations, my name is Ian, (IGN Ian_The_Gamer) and I am a 13-year-old from the U.S. I started playing DeadMC about 5 days ago and have about 2 days of play time. I already have a decent knowledge of the basic commands, and love helping newer players! I am always up to try new things, and will learn more complex mechanics as I go, as I am a fast learner. 

Some hobbies of mine include Tennis, Golf, Gaming, and Skateboarding!

Moreover, I am currently in school as of today and will try to be active after school! I have all advanced classes, so homework might keep me off for a day or two sometimes, but I will always try and be on at least once a day to check up on everything and answer any questions people may have!

Furthermore, some other games I play are Fortnite, Generation Zero, Grounded, Ghostrunner, and my favorite, Dead by Daylight!

Lastly, I also am trying to pursue content creation on Youtube! My channel name is IanTheGamer.

Best regards,




Helper Application 10 months ago