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Default_69 Member
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Registered:11 months ago
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I would like my account to be suspended/banned until further notice to prevent havoc and/or destroying any of my progress on the server due to the hacker. Thank you.

It’s been nice… 10 hours ago


My friend has been generous enough to lend me his account. If possible, I would like one of my netherite god sets, my netherite sword, and netherite pickaxe to be transferred to the account the username is deathreap3r

It’s been nice… 11 hours ago

Hi DeadMC. It’s me, Default_69. I’ve been on the server for quite some time now, and have made many memories along the way. A few days ago, my Minecraft account was hacked (unrelated to server), and I’m 99 percent sure I won’t be able to get it back. If possible, I would like the resources in my base (/tp Default)as well as the claims to all of my land to be distributed among newer players. While it saddens me to send this message, I don’t believe there’s any other way to end my time on the server. Thank you for everything. ~Default_69

It’s been nice… 1 day ago

Thank you!

Hey... 7 months ago

It's been a few months. I got banned for x raying on the server during the summer, and I've taken a break from Minecraft since then. I kind of feel lonely, since I have no one to talk to after a stressful day. I know it was my second offense and that it was for the same reason both times, but I'd love to have another chance on the server.  I'll return the diamonds and other ores that I mined, and I'll never touch my x ray texture pack ever again, and if I do, there will be no complaints. It brought me a lot of joy to hop on every day and play to my heart's content, and I hope that you can appeal my ban, so I can start fresh. Thanks for your time.


Hey... 7 months ago